LoSasso at B2B Ignite: Keeping your brand house in order

LoSasso at B2B Ignite: Keeping your brand house in order

Published: June 16, 2021 by LoSasso
Categories: Brand strategy, LoSasso

B2B Ignite USA 2021 included two days of sessions filled with exclusive marketing insights and inspiration for marketers to stay one step ahead, and the LoSasso team was thrilled to be a part of it.

You can catch LoSasso’s recorded session from the Brand and Content track, “Keeping your Brand House in Order,” presented by Amanda Callahan, LoSasso VP of Client Services and CNA Insurance, VP Marketing Cara McCall.



The session focused on shifting often traditional paradigms to get to the true role of marketing within an organization, and why it’s important to focus on an internal to external strategy for growth. The team shared insights from world-class B2B CMOs and provided real-life examples to inspire breakthrough thinking for brands and marketing teams.

B2B marketing: the “Pragmagic” playbook

You can download our new “Pragmagic” playbook that offers more fresh perspective from that group of B2B CMOs on why now, more than ever, successful marketing requires a delicate balance of logic and magic, or what we like to call, “pragmagic.” The approach embraces thinking that is uniquely B2B while leveraging the best of B2C. This encourages marketers to leave room in their marketing plans for some of that creative magic and intangibles that can drive growth. What are some examples of this in your marketing programs? We’d love to hear from you.