Webinar recap: Where growth meets progress with Scott LoSasso

Webinar recap: Where growth meets progress with Scott LoSasso

Published: April 17, 2023 by Kylie Wasserman
Categories: B2B marketing
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Consumers today prefer doing business with brands that make a difference. Whether you have a humanitarian mission, you're enabling game-changing innovation or you simply make life a little easier—you have a story to tell that connects you to progress.

In our latest webinar, Scott LoSasso talks about how business is a powerful force for good. No matter what industry or vertical, there is a powerful opportunity for B2B brands to move the world forward and bring a higher purpose to their marketing. It starts with putting the spotlight on your “why” to tell a richer, more distinct story—but that’s not all.

If you missed the webinar or want to re-watch it, you can find the three main takeaways and full on-demand session below.


Takeaway 1: Foster human connection with macro trends

The lines between B2C and B2B marketing are blurring when it comes to how brands and companies present themselves to their world. Today’s B2B brands are becoming more human, more provocative and bolder than ever before. 

While part of that is finding ways to stand out in often cluttered environments, the other part is about fostering a deeper connection with customers and prospects. One way to do this is to capitalize on macro trends happening in our world: sustainability and ESG, economics and social causes. 

It’s not about being political or controversial. It's about finding the macro trends and topics that matter to your brand and your customers—and even the world.

Takeaway 2: Harness research to uncover your higher purpose

Do you feel like your brand has a higher purpose? If you answered yes, then the follow-up question would be: do you feel like that purpose is articulated well in the market and resonating with your audience?

If there is any hesitation in answering those questions, then it might be worth taking a step back to evaluate your brand health—and brand story. In fact, we’ve recently helped some of our clients do just that with brand trackers, which have helped provide a competitive advantage and ability to validate marketing needs.

A brand tracker allows you to ask questions and dig deep to better understand the purpose of your brand. As a technical and qualitative survey, it also provides data and insights around your brand’s image, health, activities and perceptions (alone and against competitors). When combined, all this information provides a strategic and thoughtful look at where your brand is—and where it could be.

Takeaway 3: Create powerful brand narratives that resonate

As a brand looking to bring a higher purpose to your marketing, it’s important to find ways to deepen and enrich your brand story. Aligning with macro trends or evaluating your brand health with a brand tracker can be advantageous, but those aren’t the only options to show the progress you’re making as a company. 

You can also leverage informal conversations with different internal departments, talk to current customers and engage your social media community. 

But before you do, ask yourself the following questions to help align your stakeholders, better illuminate your brand’s purpose, and identify steps toward progress:

  1. Is there purpose in your company’s written mission and vision?
  2. How do your products directly or indirectly advance humanity?
  3. Where do your executives and key stakeholders stand regarding global ESG trends? 
  4. How are these issues viewed by emerging leaders (employees and customers)? 
  5. Are any brands in your market taking a stand?
  6. Which of your customers make an important commitment / impact?
  7. What are the risks to your company relating to ESG?

Want a partner to help illuminate your brand’s higher purpose and create meaningful campaigns that move more than just the needle? Our team is here to help!