Webinar recap: Building the business case for B2B brand trackers

Webinar recap: Building the business case for B2B brand trackers

Published: June 15, 2023 by Kyle Briggs
Categories: B2B marketing, Brand strategy
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In the competitive B2B landscape, a brand tracker can be a powerful tool in understanding growth opportunities and getting the attention of the C-suite for greater investment in the brand. 

In our latest webinar, Louise Rasmussen, LoSassos’s Strategic Planning Director, joined Adam Jones, Executive Director at Werk, to talk about the value of B2B brand trackers—and how to communicate that value to leadership. Here are a few key takeaways from the discussion.

Takeaway 1. A B2B brand tracker can be a powerful tool in securing C-suite investment in your brand.

A brand tracker measures the holistic health of a brand in a competitive context, analyzing performance across the marketing funnel as well as brand positioning and customer engagement. This research can lead to tactical and strategic recommendations for improving brand health – clear-cut information that is critical in securing investment in the brand – and can contribute to measurable ROI for your organization.

Tip: Getting buy-in from C-Suite Executives are results-driven and align resources accordingly. Market the value of the brand tracker in terms of how it helps address business goals and objectives, answers fundamental business questions, provides more customer-centric insights, and tracks ongoing performance of their investments. 

Takeaway 2. Quality data in. Quality insights out.

Work closely with key stakeholders to determine a qualified target audience with the right credentials. This is especially important for B2B organizations as they often cater to more specific, nuanced audiences than B2C brands. 

Set parameters around the target audience (it’s necessary), but ensure the sample is as representative as possible of the market at large.

It’s helpful to work with B2B-specific recruitment partners that appropriately vet individuals and have experience recruiting niche candidates, potentially through custom recruiters.

Takeaway 3. Be picky when choosing your partners.

This research represents a significant investment. 

  • Work with an agency to conduct an RFP and find the right research partner. 
  • Narrow down your options to 3-5 of the strongest contenders and invite them to present. 
  • Have each contender quote for a specific project, taking into consideration their methodology and cost. 

Plus, the right agency and brand tracking research partner will go beyond simply showing key statistics. They’ll connect the dots and reveal a brand story and actionable insights. 

Check out the full webinar below!

If you want more information on how brand trackers can benefit your business or need help setting one up, please don't hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to chat!