The power of intent: How to build more successful relationships with your agency

The power of intent: How to build more successful relationships with your agency

Published: February 24, 2017 by Jamie Goff
Categories: B2B marketing

Your list of responsibilities and number of projects continues to grow. Your to-do list is compounding; items are not removed as quickly as new ones are added. Deadlines are approaching (or have passed) and you’re juggling more than any one person should. And while you have more and more to do, there are no more hours in which to do them.

You’re busy, we get it. Your challenge is not unique. Good thing you have an agency partner to support you … right?

Beyond creative strategy and production, a good agency partner wants to help you shine. And proper communication and information sharing makes it easier to not only meet, but exceed expectations.

If you set your marketing agency up to do the job well, you’ll succeed on two fronts. Internally, your supervisor, manager, board, etc., will be pleased with your output, and you will actually experience some relief. Externally, you’ll get on-time, on-message, on-strategy, on-point work from the agency. Because you have kept them close.

Nobody knows your role, your priorities, your audience or your company objectives as intimately as you—it’s your job to do so. But it’s also your job to share information. Lots of information. Because everything you know is inside your head and as obvious as it seems to you, good explanation and proper context will position us, your agency partner, to better support you. And don’t confuse this with an agency’s relentless search for new work. You can keep us informed without necessarily getting us involved.

And so what’s the point in that? If you have adequate internal planning and resources to launch a new service, upgrade a platform, plan an event, etc., that’s great. But it does still tie back to the scope of work that defines our relationship. Because every move that’s important enough to warrant your time should anchor on or be driven by a larger company goal or objective. And by sharing that insight with us, you’re helping strengthen our team’s knowledge of your business, and deepening our understanding of your company’s vision.

At first, looping us in more might feel unnecessary, or like extra work. But time and frequency breeds familiarity, and before you know it, we’ll be more in sync, more efficient and a more natural extension of your team. Let’s do good great work together!