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The Big "Questions": Facebook vs. LinkedIn

Published: April 5, 2011 by LoSasso
Categories: B2B marketing, Demand Gen, Social media

Facebook may have a serious following of 600 million worldwide but LinkedIn is the number one social media network in terms of growth; 1 million new users a week.  From jump street, LinkedIn established Q&A online communities through groups (both private and public). Self-identifying groups with large amounts of members are attractive potential markets.

B-to-B marketers are finding that LinkedIn and these communities, or groups, are the best platforms from which they can communicate with one another and create exposure for themselves. In the constant effort to appear more transparent, LinkedIn has a more buttoned-up, purely professional feel than Facebook or Twitter making it a good spring board for lead-generation and continued and open dialog.


Facebook's answer to the Q&A feature of LinkedIn, that attracts so many, is the "Questions" tab. This recent and slyly added  feature hasn't blasted users with the usual Facebook overhaul alerts, "we revamped the entire lay-out of Facebook, get ready for the switch-over".

You'll only notice "Questions" when you're updating your status on your profile page. The move to the additional feature without any official announcement is interesting because of Facebook's other intentions.

The minds at Facebook have delved further into discussions about implementing real-time advertisement solutions based on your status updates and "questions". Will this be Facebook's attempt to gain more users and compete in LinkedIn's category? Food for thought.