The massive impact of AI and ESG on marketing is here to stay—and it’s fantastic

The massive impact of AI and ESG on marketing is here to stay—and it’s fantastic

Published: January 30, 2023 by Scott LoSasso
Categories: B2B marketing

The forecasted pace of technological change is expected to be faster in the next decade than it has been in the last. Advances in fields such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, biotechnology, automation and augmented reality are driving innovation that will lead to significant changes in the way we live and work. In marketing and media, change is constant. And 2023 looks to be an interesting year indeed. The buzz around ChatGPT and, more broadly, the astounding pace of change and development in AI and AR reflect massive change. Every industry is impacted and as always the people who embrace change are driving innovation—and those who don’t are falling further behind.

In our offices, we are using AI tools in the creative department to expand idea generation. Our web developers are using AI to clean up code and increase efficiency in coding for APIs and other tasks. Our SEO team uses AI to conduct research and amplify the impact of content. In our media department, we are using first-party data and AI tools to build targeting segments, optimize creative and personalize content. 

Marketing will continue to get more targeted and dynamic as these technologies evolve. Human creativity and talent will be amplified, not replaced. In fact, most jobs will become more productive, not less necessary. And while there has been much hand-wringing about the coming loss of 3rd party cookies, it is a blessing in disguise. Technology will continue to enable more dynamic and effective media that is increasingly respectful of privacy and personal data. 

Another trend that is shaping the marketing landscape is the growing importance of ESG considerations. People are becoming continuously more conscious of the impact of business practices on society and the planet, and they are looking to work for—and buy from—companies that align with their values. This has led to a growing number of companies incorporating ESG considerations into their marketing efforts, highlighting their commitment to being a good corporate citizen, and emphasizing the importance of both growth and progress. Business can be a powerful force for good, and that makes the work of marketing more purposeful and rewarding. 

As we partner with our clients to drive growth in their businesses, it is exciting to lean into change and apply innovations that lead to better work. It is also inspiring to find ways to weave the impact of their innovations and ESG commitments into the story of their brand to bring to light the ways they contribute to solving big problems and moving the world forward. 

Welcome 2023. Let’s grow.