How to find the right agency partner for your business

How to find the right agency partner for your business

Published: June 12, 2015 by LoSasso
Categories: B2B marketing

Updated November 14th, 2023​

Selecting the right agency partner is crucial to the success and growth of your business. In an environment where competition is fierce and consumer expectations are constantly shifting, having a skilled and adaptable agency by your side can mean the difference between staying relevant and falling behind.

An agency that understands your current market position and anticipates future trends and challenges can propel your brand forward and ensure that you not only meet but exceed your business objectives.

We've created a comprehensive roadmap detailing the key steps to identify a marketing agency that aligns with your business needs and objectives. Let's dive in!


What to do before searching for an agency partner

Evaluate your current business needs, goals and expectations

Begin by reviewing your current marketing outcomes and business goals, especially in light of the rapid pace of change in the industry. Determine where your existing strategies might fall short, particularly in reaching and engaging with your target market.

Determine what skills gaps to fill

B2B marketing often requires specialized knowledge, such as understanding niche markets or complex sales cycles. Identify areas where your internal capabilities could benefit from an agency's expertise, such as digital marketing, analytics or creative development.

Develop a list of "must-haves"

Create a checklist of essential attributes and services your ideal agency should offer, considering factors like industry experience, service offerings and cultural fit.


Tips for choosing a new agency partner

Interview agencies like employees

Approach the agency selection process like hiring a high-value team member. Evaluate agencies based on their strategic thinking, creativity and ability to deliver tangible results. A willingness to collaborate transparently and bring valuable insights is crucial.

Size matters

 The right-sized agency for your business can offer personalized attention while having enough resources to handle complex campaigns. It's important to find an agency that's big enough to meet your needs but nimble enough to prioritize you as a client.

Communication is key

Look for an agency that is transparent in its communication, especially regarding budgeting. Clarity in financial discussions lays the groundwork for a realistic and productive relationship.

Incorporate business experience insights 

Use your past experiences to add more nuanced criteria, like adaptability in strategy and understanding of trends. A good agency should instill confidence in its capabilities and approach.


Questions to ask your potential digital agency partner

To ensure you find an agency that truly amplifies your digital marketing impact, it's crucial to ask targeted questions. These will help you gauge their digital expertise and fit with your media strategy:

  1. How do you stay ahead of marketing trends and technology?Inquire about the agency's methods for keeping up-to-date with the latest changes in digital marketing and technology, ensuring they can offer cutting-edge solutions.
  2. Can you align your strategies with our specific goals and budgets?Discuss how the agency intends to tailor their strategies to meet your goals and how they handle budget constraints to maximize the impact of your investment.
  3. How do you measure and report campaign success?Ask about their approach to tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, including the use of analytics and reporting. This reflects their commitment to transparency and results-driven strategies.
  4. How will you enhance our digital presence across different platforms? Explore their capability to manage and optimize your presence across various digital platforms, adapting to the unique dynamics and audiences of each.

Your choice of agency should be a strategic fit for your business, not just in capabilities but also in vision and approach. These questions will help you uncover an agency's potential to be a true partner in your digital marketing journey.


Questions to ask yourself when evaluating your agency choices

When evaluating potential partners, here are some questions that probe deeper into the agency's compatibility with your business's unique objectives and culture:

  1. Do our ways of working match? Assess if the agency's work style and process align with your own. Compatibility in working methods is essential for a smooth, efficient partnership.
  2. Can I have lunch with these people? Consider whether or not you can envision a comfortable and enjoyable working relationship with the agency's team. Your rapport with an agency team can be just as important as their professional capabilities.
  3. Does the agency align with our long-term vision and goals? This question is crucial for understanding whether the agency is focused on immediate results as well as strategizing and planning for your brand's future success.
  4. Can the agency balance strategic thinking with creative execution? This question seeks to determine if the agency can effectively integrate its creative prowess with marketing insights—a crucial balance for impactful work.

Reflecting on these questions—and answers—will provide deeper insights into the potential fit and value an agency can bring, guiding you toward a well-informed decision.


Assessing the potential for a long-term agency partnership

Choosing an agency isn't just about addressing current needs; it's also about considering the potential for a long-term partnership. A successful client-agency relationship can offer a big advantage, helping to protect and grow market share. It's important to assess whether the agency can adapt and grow with your business over time.

Look for signs of flexibility and a willingness to evolve

The best agency relationships are those where both parties can collaborate with honest communication and transparency. The marketing landscape is always changing, and the insights that enable great work often come from collaborative efforts toward a common goal.

Evaluate their commitment to your success

A good agency should not just be accountable for their creative output but also committed to your business results. They should be as invested in the overall success of your campaigns and business as they are in the quality of their work and results.


Finding the right agency partner involves more than just evaluating creative and strategic capabilities; it's about finding a team that you can work effectively and enjoyably with. By carefully considering these key points, you can establish a partnership that addresses your immediate needs and fosters long-term growth and success.