Eight Reasons to Care about Slideshare

Eight Reasons to Care about Slideshare

Published: January 2, 2014 by LoSasso
Categories: B2B marketing, Content and SEO, Social media

Since its launch in 2006, Slideshare has been consistently growing, carrying an ever-expanding user base into Web 2.0. What was originally created for the business community has been adopted by the mainstream as a tool for sharing documents and PowerPoint via slideshow format. At the most basic level, Slideshare works like any other form of social media: global users submit content that other users can then view and comment on. But each social media platform has its own caveat, so what makes this one so special?

Here are some of our most salient answers and recommendations.

-  It is important for both agencies and clients to develop a presence on Slideshare as the site becomes a major player. More than 51 million monthly visitors don’t lie. Consider Slideshare an extension of brand identity. At its most basic, an agency or client profile includes space for a company description as well as links to its Twitter and Facebook pages.

-  According to the Content Marketing Institute, the six most-used tags on Slideshare are business, market, trends, research, social media and statistics. Though mainstream users employ these tags, most emerge at the B2B level.

-  Clients and agencies must create presentations that stand on their own. Unlike a traditional presentation delivered in-person, Slideshares must have a strong enough framework to be authoritative and self-explanatory.

-  Effective Slideshares attract a specific audience and keep them engaged. Take full advantage of tags and sharing options. Don’t forget to embed your slideshow on your site.

-  SEO is crucial. As Google indexes slide transcripts and text, pay attention and capitalize on appropriate titles, tags and slide descriptions. As always, proofread all posts.

-  With a pro account, add a pop-up lead form to build an email list, track potential customers and collect information about visitors.

-  Slideshare user Bhaumik Sheth has created a 74-slide overview of CNC manufacturing. The lessons from this discovery are twofold. One, unofficial content can reveal an untapped customer base and an opportunity for a shared connection; two, building an official company presence on site can ensure that up-to-date information is available from the source.

-  Deliver content through separate channels. For example, Client X could group its presentations by the following categories: ‘consumers,’ ‘dealers’ and ‘manufacturers.’ Next, create lead forms to gather feedback from visitors to your account. In most cases, place the lead form near the end of your slideshow.

Let’s keep the conversation going! If you have any comments about how Slideshare works in your business, please share your thoughts below. For specific questions on how Slideshare can meet your business objectives, contact us at LoSasso.

- Seth Wyncott & Alex Parker