Making the Case for Marketing to Millennials

Published October 21, 2016 3:44 pm by LoSasso

As a marketer, you probably can’t go a day without hearing about millennials. They’re that highly-coveted generation of consumers that brands are so keen on targeting, and for good reason: millennials have officially overtaken Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation, and by 2017, they will have more spending power than any other generation, according to a recent Pew Research Center report. So how do you make sure your marketing programs have what it takes to reach Generation Y? As a millennial myself, I’ve got a few tips:

Content is Key

The increasing amount of messaging and types of messaging channels millennials are exposed to on a daily basis has, no surprise, amplified the need for content and data to back decisions up. From relevant and educational material, to valuable customer case studies, strong and engaging content is crucial for capturing attention and trust. In fact, Bazaarvoice estimates 84 percent of millennial consumers are looking for user-generated content to aid in their purchasing decisions. You can take advantage of the increase in messaging and messaging channels by refusing to skimp on customer case studies, and providing timely, helpful and engaging content.

Be Direct and Deliver

More than any other generation, millennial customers are looking to engage directly and experience quality customer service without interruption. A recent study by IBM concluded that because millennials routinely turn to online sources when making purchasing decisions, facilitating direct communication with a company’s sales team must become a top priority to target millennials today. Even if they’re not interacting with someone in-person, millennials have higher expectations for customer experience and quality processes than other generations, so make sure you’re delivering responsive, top-notch service.

Convenience is Critical

A common trait of all millennials is that they have become accustomed to convenience, and making purchasing decisions is no exception. In order to serve content in a way millennials are accustomed to, ditch cold-calling and, instead, focus on fostering more effective means of communication, like a strong email nurturing program, or online chat feature. IBM’s study suggested millennials have shown that, first and foremost, they prefer to buy from brands/companies that make things easy and convenient for them. If there are multiple, complicated steps required to purchase a product or service, chances are, they’ll go somewhere else.

Optimize Your Online Presence

It should come as no surprise that having a strong, optimized digital presence is of vital importance when reaching and appealing to millennial consumers. But, with the increase in mobile usage among this generation, having a digital presence is becoming increasingly important. In fact, Think with Google recently reported a 91 percent growth in B2B researchers using smartphones throughout the path to purchase. Studies also suggest millennials consider search engines to be the most trusted source for news and information (along with the general public), meaning millennials are basing decisions on the research found simply when Googling something. This means, if your digital presence is not well-known, you’re not doing enough to target America’s largest generation.