Taking Orange Green

Published May 21, 2012 5:44 pm by LoSasso
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At LoSasso Integrated Marketing our inspired color is orange, but who’s to say orange can’t also be green? When it comes to office consumption it can certainly try. Reducing consumption globally in offices both big and small is crucial to becoming a more environmentally conscious and ultimately, more sustainable planet. Believe it or not, we at LoSasso are doing our small part to make choices that directly impact our consumption of plastic, electricity and reduce waste whenever possible.

Shutting off lights when leaving a room and inviting in the natural sunlight to fill our space cuts down on both our electric bill and helps eliminate wasted energy. Some of the little luxuries we enjoy such as bottled water, one cup specialty coffees or letting our computers “sleep” in order to save our place is extremely detrimental to our planet. Long gone are the days where we can afford not to care because it is contributing to the ultimate cost: clean air, our pristine oceans, fresh water supplies and much more. Look for other helpful tips on how to foster a happy office and improve your workspace environment while protecting the environment.

When thirsty, most of us reach for a plastic water bottle that is provided to us by our offices intended for a single-use. What we don’t know or even at times consider is where it (the bottle itself) ends up after our thirst has been quenched. If it has been recycled then it has a chance at becoming something useful again. In many cases it contributes to landfills and another little known catastrophe discovered in 1988 by the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) that still exists today and is growing at an alarming rate, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This patch of garbage is more than a “patch”, it can be seen from space and is roughly twice the size of Texas, consisting of debris of all kinds but mainly comprised of plastic. This plastic is consumed by sea life, birds and fish alike mistaking it for food and while the cleanup of it is an overwhelming task that countries are shying away from the one thing we can do as individuals to make an impact is to make an effort not to contribute any more waste to it.

We at LoSasso are excited to announce the installation of an R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) water filtration system in our office. This cost effective investment not only cuts down on our use of plastic water bottles it continues to keep employees happy and hydrated too! Additionally, LCD screens recently replaced inefficient computer monitors and while we all enjoy our morning cup of coffee, we intend on staying away from any additional plastic waste by sticking with the traditional yet tasty drip brew providing hot and tasty coffee all day long. Some of the most wasteful spaces can be offices but they don’t have to be. Our tag line is, “where creativity meets accountability” and we intend to be both creative and accountable in finding ways to thrive as a business while being responsible for our planet.