Content Marketing Insights from BOLO 2012

Published October 9, 2012 6:15 pm by Scott LoSasso
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Every once in a while I find myself in a session at a marketing conference wishing I had brought our whole staff and half of our clients to the meeting. That was the case this week in the session hosted by Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at Big Blue Moose. The title was Content Marketing – Building the Practice Perfect.  Robert and I have not met until this week, but IMHO – he knocked it out of the park – validating so much of what we work on at our agency and inspiring me to think even further.

The gist of his presentation was that agencies and clients can realize huge benefits if they learn how to do content marketing properly. There is incredible opportunity for agencies to help their clients build the practice of drawing valuable knowledge and information out of their organization and sharing it with their market. He rightly pointed out that this is not a new strategy – but that the opportunity to enable and accelerate the distribution and value of the content is the real game changer.  Organizations have so much valuable knowledge in so many different places – often it sits unshared in minds and presentation and on hard drives when it could be working in so many ways to build awareness, loyalty and sales. Developing a methodical practice to identify, produce and distribute content that aligns with marketing objectives and calendars should be a priority. When clients and agencies align – there is tremendous opportunity to build owned media channels that drive loyalty, trust and market share.