Must-haves for National Camping Month

Published June 20, 2017 10:23 am by LoSasso

City dwellers and happy campers—the two aren’t mutually exclusive here at LoSasso. In fact, many of us have camping plans for the summer—from Oregon to upstate New York and everywhere in between. To celebrate National Camping Month, we gathered a list of our must-have items. Whether glamping or going off the grid, there’s something for every style.


Aeropress coffee maker

“We take our Aeropress everywhere—great for having good coffee while camping.”

Katie Stipanovich, Account Executive


A camera

Stargazing with Derek; follow him on Instagram @deaconfritz

“Getting away from the city is a great way to see the stars. I like to go out and enjoy the night sky and capture things like Andromeda, globular star clusters, or shooting stars.”

Derek Anderson, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist


Twist ties

“Ok this is my inner camping dad coming out in me—and my father would be very proud! My camping must-haves are twist ties. You can use them to lock your tent, hang wet clothes up to dry, seal up food, hang pots and pans, keep cords from getting tangled, etc. I’ve even used them at the bottom of a braid in my hair if I lose all my hair ties.”

Maggie Shelton, Account Coordinator


Charcoal grill

“There’s nothing like the flavor of a good-old charcoal grill. Camp fires are great for roasting marshmallows, but if we’re talking burgers and brats, gotta go charcoal.”

Brandon Pope, Senior Art Director, Digital UX Specialist


Dimo’s son Chris and his camping buddy.

Furry friends

“That’s easy—all the kids’ stuffed animals need to come with us.”

Dimo Raychev, Interactive/Web Director


Backpack chair

“A backpack chair so that you can hike to a nice lookout spot with your chair in tow and enjoy the views.”

Jill Herman, Account Manager


Backup socks

“Stock up on socks. You can NEVER have too many pairs of clean socks.”

Anna Brennan Jones, Production Designer


The boring stuff

“Tarp, batteries, fire-starter, bug spray—all the boring stuff that you’ll be happy you have in case of emergency!”

Lisa Hahn, Copywriter


Aluminum foil

“Aluminum foil has lots of great camping uses—and it’s vital for any campground cooking endeavors.”

Sean Griffin, PR Manager/Brand Journalist


Sounds to break the silence

“Gotta have a wireless speaker and an acoustic guitar.”

Scott LoSasso, President


Anything you need to get off the grid

“A 7-gallon container of drinking water and containers of water for washing reusable dishes (vs. buying a bunch of plastic); a cast iron skillet over the fire so you can cook like you aren’t camping. I really like camping in secluded areas because there seems to be a lot more to explore. Hiking and swimming are a must. And while I’ve always been into tent camping, I recently inherited a Jayco camper and it was life-changing—especially during a massive rain storm.”

Jessica Schanta, Account Executive

A gourmet, off-the-grid camping meal, courtesy of Jessica Schanta.


A tent you can count on

“Invest in high-quality, all-metal, screw-in tent pegs with wide tops; that will save you a lot of frustration that comes with plastic pegs breaking all the time, or having a hard time removing regular hammer-in metal pegs from hard ground.”

Andy Owerczuk, Web Developer



“Phase 10 or other card games are great entertainment—especially when it rains.”

Amanda Klapper, Account Manager


Solid sleeping arrangements

“An air mattress for comfort and a dry tent—good sleep is a must.”

Mark Hollingsworth, VP Operations and Talent Development


Ways to warm up

“No matter what the forecast says, there always seem to be moments when you need an extra layer or two; always bring extra clothes and blankets.”

Julia Parisot, VP Client Services


An extra towel

When sleeping outside on a hot night, lay down a dry, clean towel and sleep on top of it. I’ve even used this trick when my AC breaks down in the city!”

Paige Dolton, Account Executive