LoSassins gettin’ physical: a look back at 2015

Published December 2, 2015 10:08 pm by LoSasso

While the physical benefits from regular exercise are obvious, it’s the mental benefits that always amuse me. I bet if I were to do a side-by-side comparison of the same stress-filled week with long hours, traveling or hard deadlines, with the only variable being if I took my dog for a run a few times that week, you would see a clear difference in my stress and energy levels.

Ok, it’s not exactly scientific but I bet anyone on my team would back me up. And so would Kara, our resident yoga instructor, and avid marathoners Ben and Jon.

Sure, not everyone at the agency runs up and down Lakeshore Drive on the regular but lately, a majority of LoSassins have been gettin’ physical—completing the annual 5k Ditka Dash at Soldier Field, Grant Park’s Hot Chocolate 5/15k and a city-wide Company Fit Challenge.

It seems the only thing stopping us is the looming Chiberia winter.

Although it’s easy to let the daily demands of work take over, it’s even easier to let outside hobbies, activities and exercise take a back seat on the priority list. This winter—and all seasons, really—don’t forget the benefits of activity—or you’ll be buying forgiveness with candy and Starbucks (trust me, I know from experience).

Here’s a look back at 2015. Hopefully the next year provides just as many healthy and embarrassing photos.

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