LoSassins find balance with yoga —and you can too.

Published September 29, 2015 4:42 pm by LoSasso

Stress. One word that we all know too well. We all have it in our lives and are always seeking ways to cope with it, reduce it and relieve it.

As marketing and advertising business professionals, we’re frequently on the front line—developing proposals, crafting creative briefs, reconciling budgets and multitasking across a multitude of projects at any given moment. Many of us thrive in this chaotic, challenging, yet rewarding environment—but stress is inevitable.

It’s a challenge to maintain composure when stress creeps into a meeting or a project deadline approaches and passes with an “incomplete.” One thing that helps me and my fellow LoSassins turn on the calm? Four letters, one big exhale and beautiful balance … yoga.

I discovered yoga in 2010 and have been practicing regularly since. In 2012, I decided my passion for yoga was something I wanted to share with others and enrolled in yoga teacher training. I began teaching at my office, and my coworkers raved about the relief and positivity they felt after practicing yoga.

So, when I joined the LoSasso family, I wanted to share my passion and the benefits yoga can bring to our fresh, funky and frequently chaotic agency environment. On Wednesday, a group of us gather after work to get our “om” on. As my co-workers and I continue to practice yoga and find balance together, you can too with the below exercises:

Defeat the stress exercises:

Wrist/neck/shoulder rolls – Many of us sit. All. Day. Long. Take a few minutes to roll out your wrists, neck and shoulders—drop your chin to your chest and roll your neck to both sides and around the back; alternate directions.


Do the same with your hands and wrists—rotate your wrists and give your muscles a break from typing while reinvigorating blood flow!

Combat the hunchback and give your shoulders a much needed stretch—shrug and un-shrug your shoulders; add in a swim like motion and release your shoulder blades down your back while doing so.

Wrist pushups – Computers are a key component in just about everything we do nowadays. Try wrist pushups to deter the long-term effects of constant typing. Wrist pushups reinvigorate blood flow and strengthen the muscles. Better yet, if you’re a yoga practitioner, wrist pushups help build strength and alleviate any discomfort you may have in your wrists when you practice.

Full body stretch – We get stuck in the grind of meetings and emails; don’t forget to take a minute to stand up and just stretch. If you don’t feel like standing up, raise your arms over head while you’re seated. Extend up toward the ceiling through the waist. Interlace your fingers over your head and slightly turn or lean from side to side.

Figure 4 – This is great for stretching out your hips and glutes. Cross your right ankle over your left knee forming a “4” shape. For a more intense stretch, try bringing your chest down toward your crossed legs. Alternate sides.


Engage your core (sit up straight) – To supercharge your core, try boat pose. Or, try plank pose for three sets of 60 seconds each. While not necessarily a de-stressing exercise, it will make you feel less guilty for not making it to the gym after work.

Get inverted – Going upside down is a great way to reduce stress; inversion postures reverse the blood flow in the body, improving circulation, while helping energize, relax and improve balance. If you’re not a regular yoga practitioner, start with something simple like downward facing dog, standing forward folds or legs up the wall. For more advanced yogis or with the assistance of a trained instructor, head stands or hand stands are great options.


So the next time you catch yourself in a white-knuckle pen grip during a meeting, or aggressively touching the keys on your keyboard, take a deep breath and try one of the above exercises.

Consult a doctor before engaging in these activities if you have high blood pleasure or heart-related illnesses.