Know your things and conquer the New Year

Published January 22, 2016 3:58 pm by Jamie Goff

Ahhhhhhhh, a New Year. I love everything about it and what it represents—a clean slate; a clear head; a fresh start. It gives us permission to start over – to get real about our issues and our ambitions, and to renew our commitments to them.

The New Year’s resolution epitomizes as much. And while resolutions come with good intentions, they are often simple in nature and easy to measure. And the more substantive resolutions rarely come with a real game plan for success. Yet they’re the ones most worth the effort because they come with the most promise. But they require attention and nourishment.

And don’t fret because it’s the middle of January. Although the turn of the calendar is an obvious time to reset, any day can be DAY ONE. Just start smart and stay dedicated. And don’t complicate your goal with preconceived obstacles or you’re setting yourself up to fail.

First, identify your thing. Take note of the situations and experiences that have influenced where you are today and what you see as your arrival point. Once you know your start and end point, you’ll have the clarity and direction to map what happens in the middle.

A few tips to support your journey:


Become more aware of yourself. Self-awareness and self-reflection
bring certainty. Acknowledging our weaknesses brings strength.


Be honest about the things that have held you back in the past.
You’ll be better positioned to navigate them in the future.


Life lessons can come daily. Stay open to the reality that we all
still have a lot to learn. It will make you more open and fair.


And don’t forget that perfection isn’t real. So if you go off course, bring yourself back. But don’t give up. It’s only back to Square One if you don’t take anything away from the experience. If you allow yourself to learn from all experiences, good and bad, you’re that much closer to accomplishing what you’d set out to do from the start.