How to live it up this summer (and remain gainfully employed)

Published June 22, 2015 7:38 pm by LoSasso

Picture this: It’s 75 degrees outside and not a cloud in the sky; a picture-perfect day for any number of outdoor summertime activities. But then you realize it’s 10:15 on a Wednesday morning and you’re sitting in your office wearing long pants and even a sweater because some jackhole cranked up the A/C. You’re longing for some warm weather and some much needed vitamin D, but dammit, those TPS reports aren’t going to do themselves. It’s a sobering feeling being “trapped” at work when all we want to do is go outside and play. But fear not, my friends … I’ve come up with some summertime survival tips that will help you enjoy this sunny season without losing productivity.

Get outside … any chance you get. Whether it’s for lunch, a brief walk or for a team meeting, make it a point to go outside. Here at LoSasso, we are extremely fortunate to not only have a patio/deck area with tables, benches and an umbrella for shade, but also a beautiful grassy lawn area that makes us feel like we’re working in our own backyard. It is scientifically proven that even a little sunshine can and will improve your mood. But don’t forget about that SPF!

“Grillllllll, please.” If you don’t have an outdoor grill, might I suggest you bring in an indoor grilling kitchen appliance? At my previous agency, the idea for Grill Friday had humble beginnings: hot dogs and various other grill-able delights in our little office. It eventually grew to us feeding more than half of our studio along with various guests from other floors. At the height of our popularity, we were rocking about five Foreman grills, and a couple crock pots and a tip jar full of cash (how else would we pay for next week’s groceries?). There’s nothing like a hot dog on a summer day … even if you’re looking at said summer day through a pane of glass.

Make a summertime playlist. Whatever your music taste, compile a list of songs that make you feel good and remind you of summer. I’ve put together a rather eclectic playlist on Spotify of some summer-inspired tunes I enjoy. Take a listen.

Hopefully you’ve done a few things on this list, or it’s inspired you to find your own summertime enjoyment … of the working-stiff variety, that is. Cheers!


Steve Weiss, Art Director