A 30-year-old start-up?

Published December 13, 2018 3:11 pm by Scott LoSasso
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In 2019 our company turns 30 years old—and many of us, including a few clients, have been here most of that time. But with the energy that pulses through our office, and the endless creativity and evolution of modern marketing, this place still feels like a start-up.

The art and science of marketing makes it a fantastic business. When smart people with diverse talents come together to find creative solutions to complex problems, there is an undeniable excitement and energy that stirs. Embracing change allows you to put your business and industry knowledge to work in exciting new ways. With clear direction and persistence, you can transform the status quo, reset the benchmarks and drive new levels of performance. Here are a few examples that we love to share.

Working with a client in the RV industry, we activated their first party data to model targeting segments and refine media strategies to enable an 87% increase in lead flow. Since their dealer data is not connected to the corporate CRM, warranty registration data is used to tie purchase data back to the original lead file. Not only have we been able to bring a new level of performance and measurability to their ROI in marketing, but we learned that the purchase cycle is considerably shorter than what previously believed. This allows our content strategy to more effectively address buyer interests at different stages of the buying cycle. This insight also allows a higher percentage of the marketing spend to be concentrated within the actual peak selling season yielding a higher share of voice in the marketplace. That is exciting! And it was largely done with data they already had but were not using.

For an industrial technology client that needed to raise the awareness of its brand and capabilities with engineers across a wide variety of emerging segments (from semiconductor to biomedical), we spearheaded a research project to uncover attitudes and buying behaviors. From that foundation, we developed a brand campaign positioning, messaging and creative that celebrated engineers as heroes that drive life-changing innovation. By highlighting their achievements, we effectively tied the client’s brand to the world’s most wow-worthy accomplishments. Over the 24-month campaign we achieved a 97% increase in website traffic and generated more than 5,000 marketing qualified leads. We are now engaged in content marketing campaigns that drive deeper education and engagement with key engineering segments.

Another recent example is for a B2B digital publisher in the industrial metalworking market. Over the past 18 months we have grown the client’s social media audience from zero to well over 120,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This is larger than the circulation database of the leading magazine publishers and a larger social audience than any other publishers in their industry by a factor of more than 10.

At a trade show in September of 2018, we produced live-stream events from the show floor and collected additional photo and video footage to document the show experience for their audience. The engagement was remarkable. Within three weeks of the show we had reached nearly four million impressions, generated 160,000 video views and the extensive comments and shares on the posts demonstrate how well targeted the exposures are. Pow! This is fun. If you believe your audience can’t be reached effectively over social media and other modern channels, get the details of this case study—you may want to rethink it.

Results like these are not possible without the trust and collaboration of clients who share our excitement in combining deep industry knowledge, thoughtful strategy and a journey into uncharted territory. The changes in marketing will continue at a rapid pace, and it is a constant challenge to keep up, but it is also the reason that we love what we do. Our job is to learn, apply, evaluate and repeat—and it never gets boring. So here is to the next 30 years at this little start-up!