Job Posting: Account Manager

Summary The Account Manager works closely with the Account team in managing the day‐to­‐day client business management. The Account Manager is the main point of client contact, they are a […]

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Job Posting: Account Director

The Account Director is the senior point of contact for multiple-client relationships – responsible for overall client satisfaction, growth and profitability. The Account Director is responsible for providing strategic client […]

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5 powerful examples of how culture strengthens brand

Company culture is often associated with the general vibe people feel when they come to work. It’s the personal relationships between colleagues and a trust regardless of where they live on an organizational chart. But it’s also something else: the most successful organizations make culture a foundation of their brands. When there’s a culture that aligns a workforce behind a mission, a brand is stronger.

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The digital marketing practices of America’s largest trade shows

Trade shows are here to stay—despite cries from critics that online evolution would circumvent the need for live events. In fact, in-real-life experiences are more sought-after than ever before. In […]

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The evolving role of CMO: 4 predictions for 2019 and beyond

As CMOs move into 2019, the role continues to become more diverse—encompassing everything from driving organizational change, acting as the voice of the customer, innovating, harnessing and analyzing vast amounts […]

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The digital marketing strategy of America’s top trade shows

If you’re in the trade show business, you know that the biggest shows have MASSIVE physical footprints. But is their digital presence up to snuff? To find out, we dissected the online marketing practices of the top 50 U.S. trade shows.* Here’s what we uncovered.

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