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Published June 27, 2012 by Scott LoSasso

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From the opening Keynote from Greg Brown and Eduardo Conrado of Motorola Solutions through the comedic, yet on-target insights of Guy Kawasaki, the 2012 BMA conference was energizing and inspiring. As usually happens when I attend a conference like this one, I found myself trying to distill the onslaught of ideas and information into a few nuggets that I would take back, share and use immediately.

With all of the discussion around the strategies, tactics and tools that modern marketers can use to reach people and bring them into their funnel, the thread that I found myself following throughout this conference was one of purpose and creativity. Don’t get me wrong, the dust has not settled and there is much still to learn. Few marketers have mastered CRM platforms and marketing automation tools, measurement technologies and analytics tools, but through it all, the overwhelming idea that will drive our success is the story we tell about the purpose of our brands and why they matter to our customers.

Content may be king, and there may be a thousand points of contact that you can find with your market, but without heart and meaning it is just white noise. It reaches no one and simply adds to the din.

So, with all of the change we are experiencing, and the extra effort and chaos that sometimes goes along with tackling new things, our challenge is to work even harder to stay true to the fundamental idea of communicating with purpose—internally and externally. We must anchor our ideas to why we do what we do. We must be relentlessly determined to understand and cultivate an emotional connection between our brand, its purpose and the things that are truly important to our customers.

Bring on the new and remember the true.

Scott LoSasso is President of LoSasso Integrated Marketing., a Chicago based interactive agency specializing in content marketing strategies and customer acquisition for leading B2B and consumer brands.

*Photo source by 2012 International BMA Conference 


  • I read where you can't have a truly good brand unless you have a truly good product or service. Your comment about being determined to cultivate that emotional connection between the brand and the customer is more important now than ever.
    by: Delbert Royce on 2012-06-28 20:23:24
  • Scott, I agree with you. Content is important, but companies must engage prospects and customers with content that is relevant to their interests. I go to too many sites and blogs where companies only talk about themselves.
    by: Andrew Rogers on 2012-06-27 20:08:48
  • In the last year or so, it is nice to see more brands re-focusing on their message and brand story, and not getting quite so lost in the tactics. It's critical to understand and leverage the technology and tactics, but as Scott points out - lots of stuff without resonance and relevance is just more stuff.
    by: David Fabbri on 2012-06-27 17:09:39
  • Well said Scott! Couldn't agree more.
    by: Joe Romanelli on 2012-06-27 16:54:00

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