Microsoft Opens Up to the Public

Published on June 1, 2009 by LoSasso Admin

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This week Microsoft’s goes live to the public. According to Mashable’s Stan Schroeder, the site offers decent search results, but is very similar to (which now redirects to

As far as being an effective search tool, Schroeder had mixed results “If you’re used to entering precise queries, such as ‘Starbucks menu’, you’ll never see them. If you prefer entering a broader query ‘Starbucks’ and then choosing from subcategories such as Recipes, Menu, Franchise, Nutrition and Coupons, Bing will work great.”
I decided to test his results by doing a search of my own. I chose “Chipolte.” I did like the way Bing categorized the results into subcategories on the left, all results in the middle and related search items on the right. As far as breadth of coverage,I compared Bing’s search capabilities to Google’s. Bing pulled 92,900 results, while Google pulled 133,000.

Overall, it was an impressive display for a beta search engine, but I do agree with Schroeder in saying that Bing falls short of revolutionizing search. I’d say it will be a while until we can really access its value. While I liked Bing, I think I will stick with Google (for now at least…)


As per Stan’s warning, I typed in “Starbucks menu” and the first result was the menu on Starbucks’ website. While it is certainly revolutionary in broad search terms, Bing also works like a traditional search engine when it comes to specifics. Good job Microsoft! Now, if we could just get you to change the name…

Thank you! So glad you enjoy it, our team is diligent and we all sincerely appreciate the feedback.

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